Hurricane Preparation

To Our Residents:

It is very important that we work to keep everyone safe during the 2019 hurricane season. We encourage all residents to read and follow the hurricane guidelines to help prevent injury to yourself and family, and loss and damage to your personal items.

  1. Please remove all items from your front door, patio area, breezeways, hallways and walkways, which could be hazardous if left out during strong winds. 
  2.  Please contact the management office if you know that one of your neighbors is away, so we can make arrangements to move their items.
  3.  If you have hurricane shutters located either in your apartment home or on the balcony of your apartment, you can take the necessary steps to install them if you choose to do so.  
  4. Make sure you have an adequate supply of canned goods, bottled water and batteries.  Flashlights and battery-operated radios are also good to have.  If you have no bottled water on hand, fill a bathtub or sink with fresh water.  You may also want to have a full tank of gas in your vehicle and extra prescription medicines on hand, if necessary.
  5. Stay tuned to area weather updates.  If evacuation is required, follow the instructions provided by local authorities.
  6. Please do not use the pool areas, sport courts, laundry rooms, or other common or outdoor areas while the storm warning is in effect.
  7. In the event that there is a loss of power for more than twelve hours, please ensure that you take the necessary steps to remove food from your refrigerator and discard of it.  Once this is complete, please leave the refrigerator doors in the open position.
  8.  Due to the uncertainty of when the storm may actually hit, we are anticipating the closing of the leasing offices at your community beginning on Sunday.  Our management teams will return to the community after the storm has passed and it is safe for them to travel. 
  9. If a hurricane should occur, take cover in an interior hallway or a room with few or no windows.  The safest place is the center of the building in a small room such as a closet or bathroom.  After the hurricane has passed, please contact the management office to alert us of any damage that may have occurred as a result of the storm.

Thank you for your prompt attention to these items!